Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm very proud of my awesome siblings. Evie is Pine View's Sterling Scholar in Drama and Jesse graduated with Honors. They both also graduated from Seminary this week. Congratulations, you two. I love ya!


Ashlie Dalton said...

Wait... I'm confused. How come they graduated the same year? And I don't know why I was also thinking that Evie was the same age as Paul. Weird. Anyway, yay for both of them- they are both so cute and smart!

Aelysium said...

How old is Paul? Evie will be eighteen in July. They graduated the same year because Jesse skipped a grade. A lot of people at their school thought they were twins. :)

Ashlie Dalton said...

Paul will be 16 in July. Uh ya, I guess I'm way off.

Ashlie Dalton said...

Happy Birthday Friend!!! When are you going to update again? I miss being part of your life!
Go get some ice cream today for your bday and pretend it is from me. :)
I'll just owe you one!
HUGS~ hope you are having a fun summer!