Monday, May 4, 2009

How you say...?

I recently started teaching Anicka to speak Spanish. Her new favorite game is "How you say?".
This is now the soundtrack to my day:
"Momma, how you say flower in Spanish? Momma, how you say pickles in Spanish? Momma, how you say Chinese in Spanish?"
The sad part is how often my answer is something like "Er... Um... Gimme a second to think..."
But that's another story.

Despite the frequent lapses in my memory, Anicka is picking the language up pretty well. We showed off her new skills at Sunday Dinner at grandma and grandpa's house yesterday, and she was wowin' the crowd when grandpa threw her a curveball.

Me: How do you say 'shirt' in Spanish?

Anicka: Camisa!

Me: How about 'pants'?

Anicka: Pantalones!

Grandpa: Hey, Anicka. How do you say 'Monkey' in Spanish?

Anicka: Um.... Anicka!

Really hilarious.

Also over the weekend: We finally had Anicka's pirate party. Pictures are forthcoming.

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Brooke said...

SOOO funny! :)