Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too Much! Too long!

I don't even know where to start. There has just been so much going on for the past two months that I haven't had the chance to update, and now there are so many things to catch up on, and... I don't know where to start. (Wait, did I say that already?) I suppose I'll just share a few of the highlights.

Since my last update we have:

* Gone hiking and exploring through/around Rockville

* Introduced Ryker to the swimming pool

* Celebrated Adam's parents' 50th wedding anniversary with a fun Hawaiian themed party

* Celebrated my parents' 25th wedding anniversary with a surprise party for my mom (sadly, my camera batteries died part way through the party and I got very few pictures. This is the only one I have of both of my parents.)

at which I showcased my (only slightly pathetic) first attempt at cake decorating
* Gone camping with Shane and Dusty's family

(The boys play in the back of the truck)

(Anicka does her first solo marshmallow roast)

(Katie gets attacked by the S'more monster)
(Ashlee nearly loses her battle with said monster)

I'm also sad to say that since my last update my great grandfather, Frank Reed passed away. I don't have any digital pictures of him, but I have a portrait of him and his sweetheart together that I would like to scan and put up here. His funeral was very touching. I have never been to a military funeral before, and was so moved by the military salute and the playing of taps over his grave. I think one of the most touching moments at the viewing was the '21 gum salute', where each of the grandchildren and great grandchildren were given a piece of gum to chew and we all 'snapped' our gum to salute grandpa before they closed the casket.
As sad as I am to have lost both of my great grandparents, I am glad that they are together again and free of pain. I am also glad that grandpa didn't have to be apart from his sweetheart for very long.

On a happier note, Ryker has learned a new trick in the past two weeks. Here is his new method of travel:


Brooke said...

I wondered where you had dissapeared to... If your son is anything like mine,... Let the craziness begin! :) Good to see you back on here.

Ashlie Dalton said...

Wow, you have been busy. Cute cute cute Ryker... I can't believe he's walking already! He's just adorable. And I like your cake, great job! I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to do that.
Sorry to hear about your grandpa but it sounds like a good thing to be with his sweetheart again finally. Keep blogging... I missed you on here :)