Monday, November 21, 2011

(11-14) 2 Months

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(11-13 ) Shiner

 And this is what the black eye looked like a few days later. Kind of cool, and kind of awful. The bloody part worried me, and I made Adam go see the optometrist. He said everything was fine and the blood was just from a couple of burst blood vessels. Ewww.

(11-10) Martial Arts

 On the tenth Anicka, Adam and my sister Crystal (who just recently joined Adam's martial arts class) had a belt testing ceremony and they all advanced a belt level and got to break a board.
 And, in case you didn't notice, Adam got a black eye during the sparring portion of his test. It was some pretty intense sparring. I wish I had been able to video tape it, but at the time I was nursing Alexa and couldn't get the camera out in time.

(11-6) Alexa's Blessing Day

(11-2) Mission call

 I am tired of trying to catch up on this project, so I'm just uploading the most important things.

 On November 2nd my youngest brother was called to serve a mission in Lansing, Michigan. He'll be gone for two years, doing the Lord's work.
This day was full of rollercoaster emotions for everyone. Jesse will be such a spectacular missionary, and we will all miss him so much.