Monday, January 12, 2009

The Truth About Blogging

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Also: I'm seriously frustrated right now. I'm trying to post pictures of my jewelry, but according to blogger that's a 'Bad Request'.
So, instead I'm going to post a link to someone else's blog entry about some funky jewelry. This is something I'm totally going to try someday:

Edited to add:
Ah! I want! I want!

Ever heard of Mohop shoes? I hadn't either, until I started wandering through old posts on Capitolagirl's blog today. ( I admit it, I am a blog lurker)
So. Mohop shoes are these awesome sandals that "let you lace any ribbon through elastic loops on the base to create a one-of-a-kind look with a comfortable, custom fit."

Check out the pages and pages of variations on the Mohop website:
The bad part is that the cheapest pair costs 75 bucks. I guess I'll start saving up!

Mohop Etsy Shop


Ashlie Dalton said...

That is such an awesome idea for shoes! Why am I not clever enough to think of cool things like that?!
Also, really cool jewelry. What is the project that you mentioned before?? I'm intrigued!

Shironotenshi said...

Those shoes are adorable! Does want too!

The fork jewelry is really cute!

I think this is the universe being mean to me. My captcha says ditzy!

Tiffany said...

Ha that little poster thing is so true! Those shoes are so much fun. Such a good idea. $75 for like a hundred possibilities - that's like $0.75 a shoe. Sweet.