Monday, January 12, 2009

1001 Journals

I am well known for constantly starting new and exciting projects and then abandoning them as soon as something more interesting occurs to me, so I know some of you will be skeptical about this. BUT... I'm really stoked about this one, and hopefully I'll have a bunch of people helping me out with it. *meaningful glance at everyone reading this*

I recently found out about the 1000 journal project, where a man who calls himself 'someguy' left 1000 empty journals all around the country, hoping for people to fill them up and send them back to him. You can now buy a book filled with some of the artwork and journal entries that found their way back to someguy. And since he got such an overwhelming response from people that found out about the project and wanted to participate he started the 1001 journal project, which you can find out about here. Anyone can start their own journal and upload the images on to the site. Well. I've long been fascinated by the thought of letting friends and family members write in my journal, and hearing about this project brought that idea back to me.

So what I'm going to do is this:
I'm going to start three new journals. One I'm going to leave in a public place with instructions and a return address glued inside, and hope that it gets filled up and mailed back to me. Two I'm going to keep as my own personal art journal, and I might or might not upload the results to the website, depending on how personal the contents end up being. And Three I'm going to pass around to friends and family members and let them fill it up with their artwork, poetry, memories, collages or what have you, and then I might or might not upload the results to the 1001 journals website, depending on the feedback I get from said friends/family members.

So I've already gone to the D.I. and found some interesting books that we can turn into art
journals. It's going to be awesome. These books will start out as old, hand-me-down things that nobody wanted to read, and they will slowly be turned into something else, something beautiful, something like this:

So. This is my plan. This is my exciting new project. And I want all of you to help me out with it. Is anybody interested?


Ashlie Dalton said...

ME please! This is right up my alley. It sounds like it could be so fun and interesting. Great idea!!

Tiffany said...

Wow great idea. That sounds really interesting. I like!

ralisevie said...

yes, yes. i would love it. time? but i would love it

Huri said...

Me. I like this idea. I might have a hard time finding time but I will try.