Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday stuffs

We have had an awesome holiday season. So awesome that I forgot to take any pictures. (Actually, we completely forgot to take the camera with us when we went out to my parents' house on Christmas Eve. ) Adam got off of work early on the 23rd and didn't have to go back to work until yesterday. And all but one day of that was paid vacation time. Awesome.

We spent Christmas Eve over at my parents house, (where it snowed! Again!) along with about half the town, who came over to eat my mom's delicious Traditional Cuban Christmas Eve Feast. I wish I had taken my camera so that I could show you how packed their house was.

We stayed the night there, and had a wonderful Christmas day together playing games and watching movies. We got home around 10:30 that night, and Anicka immediately passed out on the couch, snuggling the new puppy that Santa brought her:

We got lots of wonderful gifts from everyone. Anicka made out like a bandit, she's got so many new things to play with, she's been in heaven this last couple of weeks. She loves all of the building blocks and lincoln logs that she got, and has spent countless hours building things with her dad:

We've also played Candyland more times than I care to count.

And Ryker loves his new mobile almost as much as he loves his toes:

My favorite thing that I got was a pile of new books. I got four from Adam, two from my parents, and two from Eric. So great! Adam's favorite thing was the .38 special that my dad gave us. He can't wait to go shooting, and is planning on getting a concealed carry license for it.

The day after Christmas we spent all day at Shane and Dusty's place. We had a Settler's of Catan marathon

While Grammy crocheted

And the kids curled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Sunday we were back out in leeds because my little brother Eric (who is not so little anymore, he's turning twenty this month) was ordained an Elder! He is getting ready to go on a mission, and will be putting his papers in next month. It will be hard not to see him for two years, but I'm very excited for him to go. He will be such a great missionary.

(^those blocks are supposed to spell 'family' but we could not resist the urge to play with them.)

Monday we spent all day cleaning our disaster of an apartment and then went to the coolest park ever, on Tuesday Crystal and Tyler came out and played games with us, and oh yeah! Guess who's engaged?

Wedneday we spent the morning with Adam's parents and his sister Heidi, and the evening back out at Shane and Dusty's, where we ate lots of junk and rang in the new year. It was very exciting, 15 minutes before midnight Ryker had a blowout diaper and I had to bathe him. The rest of the week we just chilled at home. It was great. I'm really lonely now that Adam is back at work. It has been so fun having him home for almost two weeks.

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Ashlie Dalton said...

I have no idea how I missed this post but I did- until now.
Wow, I can't believe Crystal is engaged!! Tell her congrats for me.
Sounds like you guys had a fun, eventful Christmas and New Year! What books did you get?