Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So Anicka's birthday was almost a month ago (she's three now!), and I keep forgetting to put pictures up. I've been so scatterbrained and crazy lately. Anyway, here are a few from Anicka's birthday party:

Sadly I didn't get any pictures of her blowing out her candles. (I did get video of it, but I doubt any of you want to watch it.) I made her a custom cake, because she was very specific about what she wanted - Chocolate ice cream and a strawberry cake with Dora the Explorer on it. And let me tell you, I had to go to four different stores before I found any Dora figurines small enough to put on a cake. It was crazy. She got a tricycle from me and Adam, which she has been bugging me for for a couple of months. Seriously. For only being three years old she sure is opinionated. She knows what she wants.

Moving on.
Here's a picture of Kaycee during her last soccer game of the season (She's such a cutie) :

Sadly they lost, despite being undefeated for the rest of the season. Anicka always has a good time at the games, though, because she gets to hang out with her aunt Sienna. Aw, so cute.
And finally here's a picture of Mom, Anicka and Sienna all practicing their Myspace poses:

Peace out.

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Ashlie Dalton said...

yay! you finally updated! i have been checking your blog everyday for like 3 months :) just waiting patiently! hehe
very cute pics! it looks like she had a great birthday. i can't believe she is so old! wow! looks like you guys are doing well. it was fun to see pics of your mom and sisters on here too!
when are you due again??