Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm very proud of my awesome siblings. Evie is Pine View's Sterling Scholar in Drama and Jesse graduated with Honors. They both also graduated from Seminary this week. Congratulations, you two. I love ya!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm finally getting around to posting pics from Anicka's birthday. After lunch on her birthday we made cupcakes together. She loves to help me bake. This is the first time I ever let her use the mixer solo. She was pretty pleased with herself.

She loved decorating the cupcakes, too.

But her favorite part was eating them when we were done, obviously.

We didn't do a cake on her birthday, just a plate full of cupcakes.

She loved the princess sunglasses that we gave her, but her favorite present was the movie Bolt, which she has to watch every single day now. She basically has the movie memorized at this point.

A couple of weeks later we had a pirate themed birthday party for her. We had eye patches, hook hands and balloon cutlasses for all of the party guests.

There was also a treasure map, which I had a lot of fun making.

The kids had to follow the map to find clues to where the treasure was hidden. Once they had all of the clues, they put them together to reveal the location of the treasure chest, which was filled with bags of pirate loot.

Then it was cake time. I had a good time putting together a pirate ship cake. It turned out okay, I had planned on having more time to decorate it. But it was delicious.

Anicka took a big bite out of the front of the ship right after this picture was taken.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mohop giveaway

Fabulous Fun Finds is giving away a pair of Mohop sandals, which are only the coolest shoes EVER. Check it out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How you say...?

I recently started teaching Anicka to speak Spanish. Her new favorite game is "How you say?".
This is now the soundtrack to my day:
"Momma, how you say flower in Spanish? Momma, how you say pickles in Spanish? Momma, how you say Chinese in Spanish?"
The sad part is how often my answer is something like "Er... Um... Gimme a second to think..."
But that's another story.

Despite the frequent lapses in my memory, Anicka is picking the language up pretty well. We showed off her new skills at Sunday Dinner at grandma and grandpa's house yesterday, and she was wowin' the crowd when grandpa threw her a curveball.

Me: How do you say 'shirt' in Spanish?

Anicka: Camisa!

Me: How about 'pants'?

Anicka: Pantalones!

Grandpa: Hey, Anicka. How do you say 'Monkey' in Spanish?

Anicka: Um.... Anicka!

Really hilarious.

Also over the weekend: We finally had Anicka's pirate party. Pictures are forthcoming.