Thursday, May 15, 2008


A pretty picture that Adam took. It looks like a lake, but it's really one of those infinity pools.

Anicka being Anicka and putting on a show for the camera:

And since a couple of people have asked for pics, here's my new(ish) haircut:

On to other things.
- I'm at week 28 in my pregnancy. Everything is going well, other than I'm bone-dog tired all of the time. I also have to go to the chiropractor every couple of weeks, because my hips sort of pop out of place. Which is totally normal, right?
- We're still trying to potty train Anicka. She's just really not excited about the whole thing any more. We even got her a piggy bank and started giving her pennies every time she went potty, but that didn't keep her motivated very long. I'm really running out of ideas, here.
-I have to take Anicka to get some vaccinations done tomorrow. I hate that worse than anything. It's awful having to hold her still while they shove those needles in her legs. Poor baby. It makes me cry every time.
- Adam is going on the Father and Son campout this weekend (or the Priesthood Commemoration Outing, or whatever the heck they call it now). I hate spending the night without him. It's so lonely. :( I'm going to sleep over at Dusty's place, though, so it won't be too bad.
- I washed and put away a bunch of baby boy clothes that I've been given over the years, and I actually have a pretty good start on a wardrobe for Ryker. (Oh yeah, for any of you who haven't heard yet, we're naming the baby Ryker. We don't have any girl names picked out, so let's hope that when the big day comes the doctor isn't like "Surprise! It's actually a girl!") But getting all of that baby stuff ready has me feeling really anxious, for some reason. A little panicky, even. I'm going "Wait... I only have two months left. I'm not ready! I'm not ready!" Seriously. I'm going to have two kids. That's insane.
- We traded in our car. The new one is bigger and newer and less sporty and more practical, and we can actually fit two car seats in the back. Which is nice. But I kinda miss my little pontiac.
- There's this thing that might happen that would be really good and give Adam a really great job opportunity, and we would have a lot more money (I mean really a lot) and be able to afford a house and Adam would be home a lot more, and it would be really fantastic... but he would have to be gone overnight sometimes, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. And I don't know if this feeling is a warning, or if it's just my silly insecurities clouding my thoughts. I don't know. Anyway, it's not a sure thing yet, so I guess I just won't think about it until it happens. Sorry for being all cryptic there for a minute. Ha.

I guess that's it. Sorry for the deluge of random, everybody. I just had some thoughts that I needed to get out.


Ashlie Dalton said...

ok #1- CUTE hair-cut!
#2- i can't believe you are going to have 2 kids either! crazy!
#3- wow, sounds like this new thing could be good for you guys. the gone at night thing would be kinda crappy tho. i hope everything works out the way it's supposed to on this subject :).
#4- i'm sorry but i can't go to your baby shower... kylee is graduating on the 23rd and also tiffs wedding is on the 24th. so, i am thinking that i will just give you a gift when i'm down that weekend. sound good?
ok... that is all i can remember that i was going to say.
oh wait, i remembered what else. so, i was going through some old pics this morning and found some super cute ones of us. i will put them on my blog asap so check often!

Ashlie Dalton said...

sorry to be annoying but i also wanted to say... keep posting often because i get excited and i love to read about your life and what's going on with you guys!

Tiffany said...

Love the new do! I just got my hair cut too - with bangs! They're so hott right now! Haha. But yah i can't believe you're going to have 2 kids to my "0"! I'm so far behind. Haha. I am also sorry i could not make it to your baby shower. I have something for you. Or for Ryker rather. Can't wait to see you!