Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(10-26) Broccoli Cheese soup

I am sooooo not a food photographer, but I had to post about this delicious soup.
I love Broccoli Cheese soup, and this was the first time I've made it myself. I used THIS recipe from Mels Kitchen Cafe (great blog, btw). I chose her recipe because it didn't have velveeta or canned condensed soup in the ingredient list. Mel has a recipe for bread bowls on her site as well, but I just used some dough that I had sitting in my fridge from my last batch of artisan bread. SO. GOOD.


Brooke said...

LOVE Mels Kitchen Cafe! Almost every recipe I have tried of hers is a hit! I think your photo is good. Lighting is hard when it comes to food. I've tried many times and can't ever get appetizing pictures! :D

Ashlie Dalton said...

i love soup season. i have a fantastic broccoli cheese soup and also chicken noodle recipe. this year i ventured out and made a tasty butternut squash soup that turned out delicious!!! i usually go off whether or not my mom and grandma like something of mine to know if it's good and they both loved the butternut one. i posted it not that long ago if you're interested!
OH and great job on your soup, it looks delicious!! bonus points for the bread bowl too. yum!