Thursday, November 10, 2011

(10-31) Halloween night

 My family really loves Halloween. My mom still dresses up every year, and I love it. Adam pretty much only dresses up because I make him. This year I was too stressed to think of anything very original, so we just dressed like punks.

 I helped my sister make an awesome 'Robin Sparkles' jacket, though. (Any HIMYM fans out there?)

 I made Alexa a super cute penguin costume, loosely based on THIS one from Make it and Love it. I simplified it and took a lot of shortcuts, and probably spent about an hour on it. I need to get a better picture of Alexa in her costume before I pack it up with the Halloween stuff. (yeah, our costume stuff is still in a pile in my bedroom. Don't judge.)

 And this is the Halloween 'wreath' for our front door, inspired by Dana's. The glue ghosts were made by Anicka a couple years ago. We thought they made a nice addition.

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