Friday, March 19, 2010

More stuff about my living room

We've been married for nearly six years, and we just barely bought our first piece of brand-new furniture. No joke. I'm sure I've mentioned before that all of our furniture was either thrifted or gifted. It always seemed a little pointless to me to fix up an apartment that seemed like such a temporary home. (Not to mention that I hate spending money on things that aren't essential. Which might change if we ever have extra money lying around. Someday.) Well. Six years later...We got a new entertainment center:

And I painted our old, ugly corner-shelf to match it:

Don't they look nice together?I mean, besides the fact that I need to rearrange our wall decorations, now. But I think it's quite an improvement.
This is what it used to look like:
(Bonus: a little baby Anicka!)What you can't see in that picture is that there was an equally mismatched media tower on the other side of the television. Ugly. I hated that there was nowhere to keep the dvd player or the dvr on the dinky little table that held our tv. So most of it went on the corner shelf, (which you can't really see in that picture, but trust me, it was cluttered and awful). But now it's all contained in one lovely place, and my corner shelf has been freed up for nicer things.
We also got a new cover for our couch, and I made some pillows to dress it up:
I can't bring myself to buy a new couch just yet. Our old one works fine, it's just a little bit ugly. See?Cute baby, ugly couch.
But a couch cover makes a huge difference.

I'm thinking about painting this little mosaic table to match the corner shelf, but I'm not sure if that would be overkill. What do you think?:

Too much matchiness? I'm not sure. There's that beautiful vase again, though. The one that I'm 'borrowing' *wink wink* from Eric. This month it's dressed up with flowers to celebrate Spring. (Which officially starts tomorrow! Woot!)
And, can you see the print leaning up against it? That some of Randi's photography. She's pretty awesome at it.
Anyway. I suppose that's enough rambling for now. *sigh* Hopefully one of these days I'll have a lot of fun decorating a house.


Ashlie Dalton said...

lovely! i love the tv stand and color and love the corner shelf you painted! also, i love the mosaic table just how it is. lots of character! love it all!

Randi said...

Im so happy to see that photo in your home! Thanks for the shout out! You're so awesome!