Monday, August 10, 2009

Time won't let me go

My baby will be a year old on Wednesday.
When did this happen? Stop it, little boy. Stay little for just a bit longer, won't you?


last week Ryker got his very first Big Boy haircut. Just in case you don't remember, this is what his little mop head looked like before the cut:

And here he is after:
Also last week: I made him his very first Big Boy tie. He has one other tie, and it Velcros in the back. This is an actual tie. As in... you have to tie it. Which can be, erm, fun. But dang, it sure is cute:
(He looks a bit worried about things here, but he's just doing his new 'blink-really-fast-whenever-mom-gets-the-camera-out' trick to prepare himself for the flash.)
As I mentioned before, I'm just starting to learn how to sew. I made the tie using this super awesome tutorial from The Purl Bee. She lays everything out step-by-step.
(*Edited to add: I should probably mention that I shrank the template pretty significantly to make the tie fit a one-year-old.)

In other news:

Anicka has discovered a love of spoon feeding Ryker. Cute, but bad on the carpet. Yikes. She has also decided that she hates wearing clothing. Yikes.

('What? Is there something on my face?')
And Ryker has discovered a love of football:


Ashlie Dalton said...

I'm sorry that I have to comment on every post you ever make... I just love your kids, they are darling, seriously.
And they look like they could be your siblings! haha! :)
I love the mop head Ryker. It's my very fav. Hair cuts always make them look old and toddlerish. It's sad. I think that's secretly why I'm growing my "baby's" hair out again... mommy in denial.
Anyway great job on the tie!!! You are an amazing seamstress!

Brooke said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those brown eyes!! They are both are so adorable!!

Tiffany said...

so so cute! i can't believe how big he is! dang your kids are cute!

~ said...

Your kids are SO freakin cute! Ryker is already looking so's such a happy/sad thing to see them getting bigger. I love that your little girl wont keep her clothes on..because neither will mine! I am hoping its a phase she will be done with soon

Huri said...

SO I noticed that Anicka has panties on....does this mean that she is potty trained? Emma is almost there. We have a few poop problems but its getting better.

BTW, your kids are some of the cutest I have ever seen. Besides my own of course. tee hee

Aelysium said...

Ashlie- Don't be silly! I love your comments!

Huri - Oh yeah, Anicka has been potty trained for quite a long time now. It took her a little while to stop wetting the bed at night, but she finally got there!