Thursday, August 20, 2009


Anicka: Momma, can we go up the alligator?
Me:... um?
Anicka: Can we, please? I love the alligator. Is there a alligator here somewhere?
Me:... up the alligator... what?? What, exactly, are you talking about?
Anicka: like when you go up the alligator and you push the buttons, like numbers, and it moves up.
Me: *the light comes on* Oh, you mean the elevator?
Anicka: Yeah. The elegator. I really love it.

The funny thing is, this exchange took p
lace in our apartment. No, I don't have an elevator hidden in the closet.


crystalicious said...

little kids are the greatest aren't they? your kids are so dang cute with their long eye lashes and chubby cheeks! i kind of want to claim them as my own. haha

Al said...

Reminds me of my eldest when she was a babe. She pronounced hard C as F.
So we had Frocodiles living in Australia.