Sunday, August 10, 2008

Still Waiting

So I'm somewhere between 7 and 11 days past my due date now, depending on whether you're asking my doctor or the ultrasound technician. Either way, I'm way beyond ready for this pregnancy to be over. Adam was worried that the baby would be born on our Anniversary (August 5th) but no worries. This kid has decided that he wants to stay in there forever.

I'm scheduled for an induction this Tuesday, but I'm really not excited to be induced. I was hoping that this time labor would sort of progress naturally, and I'd get to experience a normal childbirth. I'm afraid that being induced will mean that labor will take way too long. It was 22 hours when I was induced with Anicka... then again, she was a month early, so my body wasn't quite ready for it. I was hoping to go without an epidural this time, but no way am I going to be able to handle 20 hours of labor pains.

Yesterday we went swimming for what might very well be the last time this summer. I was afraid the pool would be packed because it was the last Saturday before school starts, but surprisingly we had the place all to ourselves for two hours. We had a lot of fun. I like it better when we're the only ones at the pool. Anicka did really great yesterday. She's usually not very confident in the water, and most of the time she needs arm floaties, her pink lifesaver and mom or dad's hand to clutch on to before she'll venture out into the middle of the pool. She mostly likes to ride on Adam's back or stay on the stairs where she can touch the bottom. But yesterday she was so brave! We've been having her practice kicking and paddling while we hold on to her bottom and her tummy and navigate her around the pool, and yesterday she decided that she was ready to take off on her own. She even ditched her little pink inner tube and started swimming back and forth between me and Adam with only the arm floaties on. She had a blast. There was one moment where she panicked and her face went under the water for a second, but after sitting on the steps and crying for a couple of minutes she was good to go again.

And that's probably enough of my blabbering for today.

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Ashlie Dalton said...

I had a dream about you last night. It was like we were back in the past. I'm ohhhh sooooo glad that we are where we are today and with who we're with today :)
And I'm oh so glad that me and you are friends still!
Anyway, I can't believe still no baby?! So, from your post I'm getting that you just don't go into labor on your own??
Well, it's Tuesday now so maybe you have a baby by now or are going to very soon! Keep us updated and GOOD LUCK! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.