Friday, September 30, 2011

Pirates or Ninjas?

My two youngest sisters have their birthdays about a month apart, and because the older of the two (Kaycee) is such a good sport she doesn't mind when my mom throws them a joint birthday party every year. The parties are always awesome. For one thing, they always have a theme. And for another my siblings and I always dress up and help out, which makes the parties doubly awesome.

Two years ago the theme was dress-up tea party.

 And last year it was Harry Potter themed. Yeah. That one was my favorite. 

This year the theme was Pirates vs. Ninjas. 
Ryker wanted to dress like a pirate.

And since Anicka is a Karate Kid, she opted to be a ninja.
She even showed off her sweet nun-chuck skills at the party.

We ended up having more ninjas than pirates at our party, even though pirates are obviously way cooler. 
Where do you stand on the pirate vs. ninja debate?

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