Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better late than never

Snow day!
(January 3rd, 2011)

In southern Utah, snow that actually sticks to the ground is a big deal. My kids were super excited to play in it. Anicka loves the snow, and can play in it for hours. For Ryker this was a brand new experience. His favorite thing was throwing snowballs.

Sneak attack!

Anicka made the 'biggest snowball ever!'
 and was dismayed when, instead of being vanquished by the giant snowball, daddy proceeded to catch it and and throw chunks of it back at her.

 also, I love how Anicka's hat spends most of it's time perched precariously on the top of her head, rather than down around her ears. I guess she has outgrown it.

We had just enough snow in the front yard to make one Anicka-sized snowman. It actually still hasn't completely melted. I want to knock it over, but Anicka wants to see how long it will last. I'll put a picture of it up here later.
Ryker did better than I thought he would in the snow. He's usually not too happy about being in the cold. But he played for about 30 minutes before he slipped and fell into the wet gutter.
Like any good momma I snapped a picture instead of helping him up right away. Actually, he was fine for a few minutes after that, until he realized he was soaking wet and freezing.
Anyway, we got our one snow day of the winter, and we had a good time, and then we went inside and drank hot cocoa and the snow melted and everything was back to normal. The end.

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