Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow day!

Anicka has been dying to make a snow angel ever since it first started snowing Tuesday night. Today there was finally enough snow for us to play in. As soon as she woke up this morning she looked out the window and then jumped on my bed to wake me up, yelling "There's enough, there's enough, there's finally enough snow!" So we went out at about 10:30 this morning and she was able to make her snow angel.

Ryker was not as interested in playing in the snow.

I didn't think that Anicka would last long out in the cold, but she really had a blast playing in the snow. She made a snow castle:

She tubed down the hill on her tiny little pink life saver:

And we started to make a snowman, but Anicka lost interest. It was really funny watching her try to push the big snowball.

Photo opportunity:

Here's one of Anicka pouting after we had to go inside to eat lunch:

But three hours later we went out to leeds to play with my little sisters, since the schools were closed because of the snow. They had over a foot of snow in leeds! It was crazy.
Anicka and Sienna played inside of an igloo that the older kids made:

And I helped the little girls make a fort. We only got about halfway done before the sun started to go down and it was too cold to finish.

I've got to say, I love playing in the snow, but I'm so glad we don't live somewhere where it snows a lot. Snow is fun when it's a novelty, not when you have to live with it every day during the winter!


Ashlie Dalton said...

Why is it, that you guys own snow clothes and we do not?

Aelysium said...

haha, those are hand me down snow suits from when we used to live in West Valley. The one that Anicka is wearing used to be mine when I was her age, and the one that Sienna is wearing used to be mine when I was around eight years old. Actually, now that I think about it I'm amazed that they've lasted so long. I guess they don't wear out that fast when you only use them once a year at the most.