Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This has been another of our favorite summertime activities so far. I got a roll of easel paper from Michael's and a couple bags of sponges in various shapes from Dollar Tree. We tape up a long sheet of paper, set out the tempera paint (fingerpaints) and the kids go crazy stamping the paper, stamping the wall, stamping each other. Tempera paint is great for kids because it washes off easily. For some reason kids love to paint their bodies. I don't like them to paint on themselves when we are indoors, because paint ends up all over EVERYTHING, so this is a good way to let them have it.

 Ryker really likes squeezing out the sponges in a bowl of water. This is what he usually ends up doing the majority of the time.
 And when everyone has had enough of painting we can wash off on the Slip and Slide. We got this at Walmart for 5 bucks! It has held up pretty well over the last few weeks, which is totally surprising to me.