Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heads up! Canvas People - Free 8x10 Canvas

The Canvas People are giving away a free 8X10 photo canvas. To everyone. That's a $50 canvas for free!  You can also take that $50 and apply it toward a larger canvas. You do still have to pay the shipping and handling charges (which I'm guessing get more expensive the bigger your canvas gets) But this is such a good deal, so I want to make sure that everyone hears about it! I missed this deal the first time around, and always regretted that I didn't nab one when I had the chance.Go check it out before the deal ends.

This is the photo that I'm getting put onto canvas:
It's from our trip to Logan last Spring. I can't wait to get it up on my wall! I went with the 8x10 size, which brought the entire price to $14.95. Awesome!
I heard about this deal on the Little Birdie Secrets blog. Head on over and give those girls some love, and see some other cute canvases in their most recent post.

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Ashlie Dalton said...

thank you for posting this.