Saturday, January 15, 2011

A scene that warms a mother's heart

 Sometime, when you are a mother, you will be doing something motherly (like laundry or toilet scrubbing or closet organizing), and you will realize that it is MUCH too quiet, and you haven't heard anybody scream "THAT'S MY TOY!" for a while, and you will think 'Oh, no. They have joined forces to wreak some sort of havoc on our home!'
You will go looking for your children, sure that they are unwinding your carefully organized bolts of fabric all over the craft room. Or maybe they're dumping out all of your color coordinated jars of beads and buttons and looking for the prettiest ones. Or perhaps the oldest has  locked herself in her bedroom and hidden under the bed, dramatically waiting for you to apologize for something that you don't even realize you did, while your youngest is drawing a beautiful mural on the front door with his sister's markers. *

But, instead, you will find this:

The kindergartener trying to read a book to her younger brother, who is inexplicably dressed like an eskimo. Yes, it is an incredibly heartwarming experience.

*Yes, all of these things have happened.


Randi said...

haha i love this! so sweet

Brooke said...

I love moments like those, the others... not so much! How is the new house (minus the mural on the door!)? We need to email so I know what you all are up to.

Ashlie Dalton said...

i can't get past the fact that you have a craft room.... lucky.
what sweet little children you have. can i borrow them?

Aelysium said...

Oh, Brooke. We DO need to email. I plan to write to you this weekend, when I will hopefully have some time to breathe!