Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Love

Some things that I am loving right now:

1. Remember friendship bracelets? Apparently they are back in style, only now as necklaces and belts.
I love textile jewelry, so I'm digging these. Especially because of all of the bright colors.
Just in case your summer camp memories are as hazy as mine are, here is a wonderful tutorial from

2.  An orange hippo pillow! This is Felicia the Hippo, and she is adorable. Do you think she's DIYable?

3. I love notebooks. I love journals. I love sketchbooks. There is just something about a brand new, blank book that makes me feel like the world is full of possibilities.
That's probably why I love this hand-stitched book tutorial from Jen and Jake so much. If your birthday is coming up soon, you can probably expect one of these as a gift from me.

4.  A shadow puppet theater. A homemade one, none-the-less. And a tutorial. Anicka would LOVE this.

5.  Blank nesting dolls! How fun would be to paint a custom set of nesting dolls?

I can sense some projects brewing...


Randi said...

i love all this stuff too! especially the necklaces.. way better than the bracelets and the bracelets are pretty cool.

Silver Strands said...

GREAT list! My favorite has to be the blank nesting dolls - I'd love to paint a little family.

Your blog is great, so glad I stumbled across it!