Thursday, June 17, 2010

a day with The Girls

On Tuesday my two littlest sisters came over for a visit. Anicka loves it when they come over.
We stayed busy all day.

Making puffy paint

And then painting with it.
(The dots on the bottom left were painted by Anicka. "They're not dots, Mom! They're germs.")

Making cake balls

And decorating cupcakes

I love the cupcake picture, because it sort of showcases each of the girls' personalities. Serious Sienna, Goofy Anicka, and Shy Kaycee.

And any moms who have little kids at home for the summer should check out Skip to My Lou's Craft Camp.
There are a bunch of ideas on there to help keep the kids from getting too bored at home.
I would also recommend The Artful Parent, Angry Chicken, and Filth Wizardry for inspiration.

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