Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally! Vacation Pictures - Part Duex : Logan

Um... *warning* LOTS OF PICTURES.
We did a million fun things on our vacation, but for now I'm just putting up the pictures that we took in Logan. It was so beautiful there, and there were so many photo opportunities. Here are the ones that turned out the best.

The Logan temple.
The kids couldn't even think about taking pictures until they had rolled down that wonderful hill a couple of times.
Then a few pictures of the lovely architecture, courtesy of Adam:
(click on the picture to see it better)

And finally we're ready for some posing:
First in front of the wall

and then in front of the fountain

The only time we could get Anicka to put down her stuffed dog was when we decided that Puppy needed her own portrait shot:
She is in most of our family pictures, after all.

Next we took pictures in front of the Tulips. Oh, Tulips! My favorite flower. Isn't this beautiful?

 I edited this photo two different ways. I'm not sure which one I like better. What do you think? (click on the picture to see it bigger. Ignore the fact that the one on the left is slightly crooked.)

Sadly, hardly any of our tulip pictures turned out. Because my children decided to turn into toads. They refused to sit, they refused to smile, they refused to even look at the camera or stand in front of the tulips. *sigh* Children.
And then we stopped trying to get pictures. We sat and talked for a few minutes. And, suddenly... this happened:

Ah, adorable.

After the temple we went to a super fun park with a castle theme. I might put pictures of that up another time. But when I saw the bench sitting under that blossom-laden tree, I knew I had to get some pictures of the kids sitting there.

Then an excellent picnic next to a beautiful waterfall:
 Ryker did NOT want to take more pictures. He wanted to throw rocks.

This picture was taken by Anicka:
 Maybe she'll grow up to be a photographer. :) Or a  model.
She's so cute.

Lastly, feeding the ducks:

And a big thank you to my adorable little sister, who is so photogenic that it sort of makes me sick, but in a good way.
We had SO MUCH FUN in Logan. :)

THE END. (Phew. That's a lot of pictures)


Ashlie Dalton said...

great pictures mellissa!!! love them all!
also, my fav. temple pic is the one on the right.

Brooke said...

Gorgeous pictures,... I could not for the life of me decide which one I liked more. The brighter one brings out the gold on the Temple and the bright tulips so beautifully, but the darker one is so mesmerizing. Frame them both and hang them side by side! :)
Anika should definitely be a model! She is so beautiful. (BTW, I didn't start doing any fun hairdo's on Jasper until just this year. In fact she had a cute little 'a-line bob' very much like Anika's until she got old enough to sit still and have her hair fixed!) Thanks for your comment on my blog! I think we do indeed have much in common! :D

colormekatie said...

That picture you sent me is just so hilarious!!