Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Every year for Easter my parents hide hundreds of eggs all over their property, some filled with candy, others with vouchers for prizes or money. It has always been one of my favorite traditions. This year we were missing a couple of members of our family (Eric works at IHOP and is gone most Sundays and Crystal is in Logan for school) but the egg hunt was still a lot of fun. There were over 270 eggs to find, and the most coveted prize was an entire bag of Starburst. Good times, good times.

Evie wants to be an easter egg, too:

A ghost of eggs from Easters past:

Dividing up the spoils. I'll trade you a bunny crisp for your starburst:

Anicka now has enough candy to last us until Christmas. It has been in a bowl on the counter for the past two days, but I'm ready to hide it in the closet now. Out of sight, hopefully out of mind. I don't need the temptation!


Tiffany said...

Awe my grandparents used to have killer Easter egg hunts. They would # the eggs and the #'s were like vouchers for toys and stuff. It was so much fun! That is a ton of eggs! And if you found the golden egg, you would get the grand prize.

Ashlie Dalton said...

Fun! Cole found out he loves Easter egg hunts this year by participating in FOUR of them! Wow... and I have already eaten half of his basket.

Huri said...

I LOVE this idea. What fun. What a great tradition. I might have to add this to my Easter fun. I think I remember you talking about it but Im forgetful sometimes.