Monday, March 9, 2009

Let me explain...

No, there is too much. let me sum up:

(Kudos and e-cookies to anyone who gets the reference)

We have done so many things in the past month that I have wanted to blog about, but who has the time? Not me, that's for sure. So here they all are crammed into one hellishly long post.

First off: Balentimes Day. We had a wonderful one. Anicka had a blast helping me decorate

and make cookies. We also made a zillion cards and a fun (and messy) craft that I forgot to take pictures of, because I'm a horrible blogger. It involved grating up a bunch of crayons and then ironing them between sheets of wax paper. I found the idea for the project over at The Artful Parent. Here are pictures and instructions if you're interested.
The best part of the day? Adam gave me the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, that two-disc, five-hour-long Darcyfest that I have been coveting for years. And then he watched it with me. And he didn't even roll his eyes. Now that is devotion.

Also in February:
-I made a bunch of crafty things and did a little drawing/painting. Those things will have their
own post later in the week, because this is getting too long.

-Ryker decided that he wants to crawl. He hasn't got it figured out quite yet, but he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth.

I am never going to be able to keep up with him once he gets this crawling thing down. He already scoots fast enough. ( I am desperately trying to get some video of him doing his little army crawl. He makes this adorable motorboat sound as he scoots around the room. But as soon as the camera comes out he stops. Typical, right?)

-Anicka was on a blanket fort kick. I think she made a fort pretty much every day last month. It was pretty cute seeing her and Ryker play together under there.

Moving on to March:

-Last weekend we went up to Fillmore to see my niece Sami get baptized. It was a fun weekend, but we forgot to take our camera, so I have no pictures to prove it.

- Also last weekend we went Geocaching with my folks. One day a couple of months ago we went out shooting and discovered a trail that none of us knew existed. Upon further exploration my dad decided that it would be a great cache site. So... we put a cache there. We also found an owl

and had fun climbing things

and taking (blurry?) pictures.


Ashlie Dalton said...

I am SO impressed that Adam watched the movie with you AND didn't roll his eyes once!!! What a good husband you have! Luke not only is an eye roller but has to make sarcastic comments the entire time we watch those kinds of movies.
Also, I LOVE your dark hair! It's awesome!

Brooke said...

You should ask Toone if he and Aric watched those kinds of movies together back in the day, because Aric actually loves P&P. He whines if I watch it without him. :)

Tiffany said...

Haha I get it! Kudos to me. The crayon thing reminds me of something I used to do. I would get my mom's hot plate thing and put paper on top and melt crayons on the paper. It was very messy but very fun. Dallin would do that kind (watch chick flicks) of thing when we were dating but now not so much ha.

ralisevie said...

ooo! i get the reference!

Huri said...

What a good hubby you have. Its cuz he has the coolest older sisters ever. ha ha ha