Friday, October 10, 2008


So Ryker's blessing is this Sunday, and I'm just a little bit stressed. Why? I don't know. I've got everything planned, I've given everyone food assignments for the potluck lunch, we've purchased all of the deli meat and cheese... I'm pretty sure I've got everything covered. All that's left for me to do is make some rice krispie treats and a pasta salad. Easy, easy. So why do I have to drive myself crazy worrying about everything? I hope Ryker's blessing tux fits. I hope there isn't another gathering at the park that afternoon. I hope everyone gets along. I hope Ryker isn't fussy during sacrament meeting. I hope everyone brings what I've asked them to bring. I hope we have enough food. Seriously! Every time there's an event like this my stomach ties itself in knots because I'm so worried about stupid, stupid things. Ugh.

Other things I plan to do this weekend:
-Clean my apartment
-Give Adam a haircut
-Give Anicka a haircut
-Get a haircut
-Dye my hair
-Watch Moulin Rouge with Crystal and Evie
-Go to Kaycee and Sienna's party
- Go on a date (sans kids) with my husband

And, on a totally unrelated note: Anicka has an imaginary friend. It kind of weirds me out. Her friend is named Shadow Sienna. She only calls her 'Shadow Sienna' for my benefit, though, because I get confused sometimes wondering whether she's talking about her imaginary friend or her aunt.
When we were going to the store the other day:
"Is Sienna coming with us, momma?"
"No, Sienna is at home, sweetie."
"No, mom. Not Sienna. Shadow Sienna."
Anicka is constantly chatting with Shadow Sienna. Sometimes she even does Sienna's part of the conversation out loud as well, in a high, soft imaginary-friend- voice. She asks for extra candy so that Sienna can have one ("sorry, but you and Sienna will just have to share"), she berates me for sitting on top of Sienna, she gets indignant when I don't seem to realize that Sienna is trying to have a conversation with me, annnd she's started to blame things on her little friend, too. "I didn't color on your papers, Sienna did it!"
Wow. I mean really, wow.
It's actually pretty funny.


Tiffany said...

k I just wanted to let you know I was coming to the blessing. I'm really bad at the whole phone thing ha. Also, did you need me to bring anything? Don't worry - everything will be great!
That is so funny about her imaginary friend! I love it. But is also weird as well. Just hope she doesn't start cutting up newspapers and circling letters on them to crack a code.

Ashlie Dalton said...

We will also be coming to the blessing. I'm excited to see you! Anicka's imaginary friend cracks me up!!! Is there anything I can help you with or bring?