Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If there are any of you who are interested in genealogy, you should check out www.familysearchindexing.org
I just found out about indexing, I finished my first batch yesterday, and I love it. There's an article about it in the Aug. 2007 Ensign, but I'll give you the quick and dirty version:
Indexing is a new program that the LDS church is using to transfer microfilm images onto the internet so that the records can be accessible to anyone who is trying to find their ancestors. There are something like 2.5 million microfilms stored in the Granite Mountain Records Vault in SLC, and hardly any of those records are available online so far. By indexing these records you are helping other people find their families. There are most likely records containing information about some of your own progenitors, as well.
You can index from home if you have a computer with internet access. All you have to do is have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. You can index at your own pace. You can save your work at any time and come back to it later. It's seriously fantastic. Everyone should check it out.


ashlie dalton said...

Hmmm I am interested it this indexing... I have never done any genealogy before but I've thought about it. Sounds like a great thing. I'll talk to you more about it when I see you next week! Hooray!

7up said...

Well hello, I say your pic. from Heidi's blog, those are some really cute pics.
Hope your feeling ok, You will be feeling great next month....I can't wait to see that cute little boy. Luv ya.