Monday, December 20, 2010

Celery and Paint

Have you ever really looked at a celery heart?

Doesn't it look rather like a rose?
We used our celery hearts as stamps, to make wrapping paper.
 I love it.
I think our wrapping paper is lovely.
(click on the photo to see it a bit better)

* Celery stamping idea stolen from Creature Comforts. I am not genius enough to think of this on my own!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The rain is raining all around

This morning I had to stand in line*. I stood out in the rain for 30 minutes, and I didn't even mind it. I always forget how much I love the rain, until I am standing in it and smelling the beautiful rain smell and feeling the drops on my face. It was actually more of a mist than a rain, anyhow. The drops were so light that they almost felt like snowflakes. So, I stood there, and listened to the conversations around me (If I am ever standing near you in a line, be certain that I am listening intently to your private conversation), and watched the fog roll in over the hills. We don't see much fog here. It was lovely.

But. The reason that I am writing about the rain is because, as I stood there in line and listened to conversations, I also watched the water flow down in to one corner of the parking lot and puddle there. I wanted to jump in it. I probably would have, if it had been just a bit warmer. It reminded me of a day, months ago, when I played out in the rain with my children. We were right in the middle of moving to our new place at the time, and I forgot that I wanted to blog about it. So, here it is now.

Anicka is a child after my own heart. She LOVES the rain. When it is wet out she will often stand with her nose pressed against the window and beg to play outside. And, if it is not too cold out, sometimes we do.
This was back in October, one of our last nights in the Apartment. Adam wasn't home. The kids were restless, tired of the boxes and clutter from packing. They were feeling the stress of the move. So, we went out in the rain.

Look at this lovely, big puddle:

 I jumped in it, too. It was a magnificent puddle for jumping. 
But THIS. This is my favorite thing about taking Anicka out in the rain:

Look at the kid's face. I love it.

*P.S. I was standing in line waiting for my Bountiful Basket. Which is totally great.